How a Reborn Doll is Created | Melanie Kathryn Reborns

This baby will go through many hours of painting and baking before he’s ready. Curious about how a reborn doll is crafted? Perhaps you’re even considering becoming a reborn artist some day. If so, fasten your seat belt – it’s going to be a long (but very rewarding) ride. In this article we’ll talk about what it takes to take a reborn doll kit from plastic to fantastic. Below are the steps to creating a reborn doll. (Please be aware that these are general guidelines; every artist has his or her own techniques and may do things slightly differently than described here.) 1. The artist purchases the vinyl parts of the doll’s body. (There are male reborn artists, but for the sake of

5 Reasons So Many People Want to Own A Reborn Doll

Reborn dolls have taken over the world in the last decade. Starting from the year 2002, reborn dolls went viral to the point of getting sold at an insanely big amount and surprisingly enough, people bought them. Reborn dolls are basically made with vinyl. These are highly realistic baby dolls which look like real human babies. The point of creating these dolls was to have fun with role-playing but these dolls turned out to serve for a greater cause which helped many people, especially women who cannot birth any children or happen to suffer from stress disorders. Taking the internet by storm, these reborn dolls gained massive popularity because of its amazing feature that enables people to distinguish between the