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Thank you so much for watching!! Please be aware that you CANNOT buy a prototype reborn baby for $99 these websites are SCAMS! They steel photos, videos, they say their silicone yet their vinyl, NOT REAL and a total rip off scam!
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Hello everyone!! Thank you SO MUCH for Watching!! All my info is down below. I hope your enjoying my new videos, leave a comment on what kind of videos from me you would like to see more of xoxo
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60 sec docs

Monster Babies // 60 Second Docs

Mother to monsters.

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Stone Mode

Reborn Monster Babies | Stoned Mode

These zombie babies are so cute!

Gepostet von Tatered am Montag, 30. Oktober 2017

Crypt TV

Monster Babies

Mother to monsters. (via 60 Second Docs)

Gepostet von Crypt TV am Freitag, 13. Juli 2018

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The Twisted Beanstalk Nursery
Hi my name is Bean Shanine and I’m addicted to making reborn babies!! While my life is absorbed by making art work I also maintain a HUGE family! My job is a DREAM COME TRUE! I’m a full-time artist and full- time Mom.
I also Foster babies!! Real ones.
Tune in for Reborn Doll BOX closings, family box openings, live painting, reborning, and Hauls.
On my channel you will see what goes along with my full time reborn baby journey and business, painting, box closings of sold dolls, hauls, reborn supply hauls, kids, dogs and a bit of random..okay..maybe a lot of random talking.

I guess you can say I specialize in RANDOM!
i’m also a unicorn.

Hugs and kisses and glitter farts!
Warmest dolly hugs and sparkle

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