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Cheap Silicone Babies: TOP 12 Realistic Full Body Baby Dolls

cheap silicone babiesDo you want to please your child with a quality but affordable silicone baby doll? Here we have collected 12 cheap silicone babies, some of which look very realistic, while others are just lovely. Our list does not include silicone dolls of poor quality, which are made of cheap plastic, quickly break down and have an unpleasant smell.

Here are presented silicone baby dolls of only 2 companies: Melissa & Doug and JC Toys (world’s leading doll manufacturer). Both companies specialize in making toys, so you can also buy baby carriages, bathtubs, bottles, clothes and a host of other cute little things that will delight your kid.

How much are silicone babies? The cheapest doll on our list costs about 13 dollars and has a growth of 11 inches. The other dolls are slightly more expensive, however, their cost does not exceed $30. What is different with more expensive dolls ($40 – $120)? The more expensive the doll, the more realistic it is and has more accessories. The material from which the dolls are made is equally safe for children.

Note: Most of the dolls have been safety tested and approved for children 2+.

Cheap Silicone Babies: TOP 12

b12 Boy Baby Doll, 15″, 10 piece gift set, open and close eyes, packaged in a wonderful gift set box read review » Check Price
b13 La Newborn, 13″, diaper changing gift set, non-scented and fully washable, fixed eyes, Our choice #1 read review » Check Price
b4 La Baby, 16″, very realistic, lightweight, fixed open eyes read review » Check Price
b10 Girl Baby Doll, 20″, the same size as a newborn baby, comes with a number of accessories including a bottle and pacifier, Our choice #2 read review » Check Price
b8 La Newborn, 9.5″, realistic anatomically correct boy baby doll dressed in blue, Our choice #3 read review » Check Price
b14 La Newborn, 14″, realistic boy baby doll, includes 8 piece layette set, non-scented and washable, eyes are fixed open read review » Check Price
b1 La Baby, 11″, multiple ethinicities, removable clothing, sculpted hair, fixed open eyes read review » Check Price
b3 Jenna, 12″, Removable smocked romper and matching cap, sitting or laying down position, open and close eyes read review » Check Price
b2 Mariana, 12″, fully poseable, removable romper and matching hat, open and close eyes read review » Check Price
b6 Brianna, 12″, fully poseable body, long brown hair with ponytails, baby powder scent read review » Check Price
b5 Natalie, 12″, posable arms and legs, brushable hair, baby powder scent read review » Check Price
b15 Lots to Love Baby Doll, 14″, fully poseable, water-friendly, set includes adjustable, multi-position doll carrier read review » Check Price

1. Berenguer Boutique Full Body Silicone Baby Doll: Blue 10 Piece Gift Set with Open/Close Eyes

full body baby dolls

This soft vinyl baby comes with everything you need for reality-based pretend care. At 15 inches he is a good size for small hands to handle and hold. His body is moveable and he has open and close eyes to make him even more realistic. Baby should be spot washed with warm water and a soft cloth because he is not submersible.

Included with this baby is a gift set including 2 outfits, shoes, bottle, pacifier, feeding plate and utensils.

  • Perfect size for little ones
  • Extra items add value for gift giving
  • Outfits can be mixed and matched
  • Not water friendly
  • Open/close eyes may not be safe for some younger children

2. LA NEWBORN 10 Piece Deluxe DIAPER BAG GIFT SET: 13-Inch Realistic Smiling Newborn Silicone Baby Doll

silicone baby doll gift set

This all-vinyl baby is adorable and at 13 inches, the perfect size for cuddling and pretend care for even the littlest children. This full body silicone baby is water friendly so she can go into the bathtub with your little one. Her outfits are easily removed for changing and can be washed by hand or in the machine like a regular baby’s clothes.

Included is a diaper bag that folds out to a changing mat, 2 diapers, a cap, sippy cup, plate and utensils, rattle, pretend wipes, feeding bottle, hospital bracelet and birth certificate. Everything except the baby can be stored in the diaper bag when it is time for clean up to prevent lost items. All items can be washed with mild soap and water as needed.

  • Water friendly means that your child can take the baby into the bath for additional play time
  • Additional items make this a great gift value
  • Fixed eyes eliminate moving parts for safety
  • Some items may be unsafe for younger children

3. La Baby, 16-Inch Purple Washable Soft Doll: Full Body Silicone Baby Girl

16-inch realistic baby dolls

This baby with the soft body is similar to the far more expensive silicone reborn babies for a way better price. Not only is she soft and adorable, she has an adorable onesie that can be removed for washing or to update her appearance.

At 16 inches, she is a good sized doll, almost the same size as a real baby perfect for teaching children about new siblings before they arrive.

  • Baby is similar in size to a real baby
  • Molded and soft body is easy to care for with a soft cloth and warm water
  • Fixed open eyes eliminates potential danger from moving parts
  • Not submersible in water
  • Only one outfit is included
  • Sculpted hair does not allow for styling

4. JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’: 20-Inch Lifelike Baby Doll and Accessories Designed by Berenguer

real life baby dolls with accessories

This 20-inch, chubby baby wears a removable, one-piece outfit and comes with a number of accessories including a bottle and pacifier. Her eyes are fixed open to eliminate moving parts. Because she is the same size as a real baby, children can use hand me downs to dress their baby as often as they would like.

Her soft body is spot washable and unscented. She can be posed in a number of positions including sitting (with support) and laying down.

  • The same size as a newborn baby
  • Easy care silicone body
  • Not submersible in water
  • Only comes with one outfit
  • May be too large for smaller children

5. La Newborn Boutique: Realistic 9.5-Inch Anatomically Correct Mini Silicone Baby Boy Dressed in Blue

anatomically correct newborn baby dolls

Life-like La Newborn dolls capture a newborn baby’s special and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This is the perfect baby boy to give to a child in preparation for a new sibling’s arrival. Just the right size at 9 1/2 inches, this baby is dressed in blue and ready for all of the love and pretend care your child can give him.

The doll has fixed open mouth and eyes so there are no moving parts making this the perfect baby for a younger child to play with.

Baby is made of unscented, fully poseable vinyl. Spot washing is recommended for this baby as it cannot be submersed in water.

  • Anatomically correct
  • Unscented body
  • Perfect size for little ones
  • No moving parts for added safety
  • Easy to clean with warm water and a soft cloth
  • Eyes do not open and close
  • Baby is not water friendly

6. La Newborn Nursery 8 Piece Layette Baby Doll Gift Set: Smiling Newborn Silicone Baby Doll That Looks Real

reborn baby boy

This full body silicone baby boy comes dressed in an adorable, removable outfit that includes a short sleeve tee shirt, bodysuit, booties, cap, cloth diaper and cloth diaper cover. He is 14 inches long and is water friendly so that he can be taken into the bathtub for additional play time.

Baby’s eyes are fixed open to minimize the moving parts making her safe for even very young children to play with.

  • Perfect size for little hands
  • Water-friendly for bathtime play
  • Non-scented, silicone body is easy to keep clean
  • Many accessories add value as a gift
  • May need extra care during or after bath time to prevent mold

7. JC Toys, La Baby 11-Inch Washable Full Body Silicone Baby Girl: For Children 18 months or Older, Designed by Berenguer

washable reborn baby dolls

This baby is made of soft vinyl and includes sculpted hair and fixed open eyes. It is not only lifelike and realistic but easy to keep clean with a soft cloth and warm water making it perfect for even the youngest children.

It comes with a removable, washable outfit. This baby also comes in a number of different skin tones so that every child can have a doll that looks like them. Babies are available as African American, Caucasian, Asian or Hispanic. Doll outfits are blue, pink or purple depending on style that is selected.

Made by JC Toys – the only baby doll manufacturer with over 30 years experience with real-life baby dolls.

  • Small size is easy for little hands to hold
  • Easy care, vinyl body
  • Removable clothing can be changed as often as desired
  • Eyes do not open and close
  • Doll should not be taken in to the bathtub or submerged in water
  • Additional clothes and other items are not included and must be bought separately

8. Melissa & Doug ‘Mine to Love’ Jenna: Full Body Silicone Baby Doll With Romper and Hat

12-inch soft body reborn dolls

Jenna is a 12-inch, full body silicone baby girl that comes with a lovely outfit and her own little pacifier. She has pretty, open and close eyes and her body can be posed in the sitting or laying down position for hours of pretend baby care fun.

Like other full body silicone baby dolls, Jenna should be spot washed to keep her looking fresh and new.

  • Perfect size for small hands to play with and love
  • Exceptional quality and value
  • One of the best cheap silicone babies
  • Movable eyes could be dangerous to younger children
  • Not submersible in water
  • Only one, partial outfit is included with this doll

9. Melissa & Doug ‘Mine to Love’ Mariana: 12-Inch Poseable Newborn Baby Doll With Romper and Hat

12-inch poseable reborn baby doll

Mariana is a 12 inch long, fully poseable baby doll with a removable romper and matching hat. She has open and close eyes and can suck her thumb or her pacifier. Mariana is a soft, full body silicone baby girl.

Clothing is easy to remove and can be hand washed or thrown in the washing machine for easy care. Other doll clothes can be used for this baby.

  • Open and close eyes are more realistic for play
  • Small size for little hands
  • Baby can suck on its pacifier like a real baby
  • Baby doll should not be submerged in water (spot clean only)
  • Additional moving parts may make this unsafe for younger children

10. Melissa & Doug ‘Mine to Love’ Brianna: 12-Inch Silicone Baby Doll With Hair and Outfit

lifelike baby dolls with hair and outfit

Brianna has a fully poseable, soft vinyl body and long brown hair with ponytails. Her hair can be styled in other ways as well. She also comes with a two-piece outfit that is removable for easy washing.

Baby Brianna can suck either her thumb or pacifier. Her body has a sweet, baby powder scent.

  • Not meant for water play
  • Hair may not be safe for younger children

11. Melissa & Doug ‘Mine to Love’ Natalie: 12-Inch Silicone Baby Girl With Hair and Outfit

silicone dolls with hair and outfit

Natalie is a 12-inch baby with brushable hair and an adorable outfit. She can suck her thumb or her included pacifier and has poseable arms and legs.

Natalie has open and close eyes and a sweet, baby powder scent so that she is even more like a real little baby.

  • Sized right for little ones to play with
  • Hair can be brushed and styled
  • Baby powder scent makes her seem so real
  • Open and close eyes may make her dangerous for younger children
  • Not submersible in water

12. JC TOYS ‘LOTS TO LOVE’ Silicone Baby Doll in Adjustable Carrier: Featuring 14-Inch All-Vinyl Doll

silicone baby girl in adjustable carrier

This sweet baby comes in her own multi-position baby carrier so her little caregivers can feed her, carry her or even pretend to drive her around just like a real little baby. The carrier can be adjusted to be used in several positions simply by adjusting the plastic handle.

Baby is 14 inches long and is fully poseable. She is also water friendly so that she can go in to the bathtub with her little caregivers.

  • Size is right for small hands
  • Carrier provides extra value as a gift
  • Baby is easy care vinyl
  • Carrier handle might pinch the fingers of younger children
  • Eyes are fixed open

Which Сheap Silicone Babies are the Best and Why: Bottom Line

The best cheap silicone babies have a few things in common. They should be the right size for little hands to hold and love but still feel similar to a real baby. They should be easy to dress and undress. Being able to take them into the bathtub is a nice feature but not a requirement. Accessories, if included, should be as safe as the doll itself and should be packaged with the appropriate age of the child in mind.

So, our 3 TOP choices are:

1. The La Newborn 10 Piece Diaper Bag Gift Set is a nice sized doll (13″) with additional accessories for added value. Included in the set is everything a child would need to care for this doll including feeding time, changing time and more. It also includes a bag that conveniently folds to a changing mat just like a real diaper bag. Unlike other dolls, this one is also water friendly so little ones can play with it in the bathtub.

2. JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Baby is a bit bigger at 20 inches making her the same size as a newborn baby. Dressed in a pretty pink outfit, this soft-bodied doll comes with a bottle and pacifier. To make this doll more realistic, she has open and close eyes which older children seem to need for when they put “baby” down for a nap. This doll can be spot washed with a cloth and warm water but should not be submerged. The Lots to Love Baby from the same company is the same size and is listed as water friendly.

3. Mini LA Newborn Boutique, 9.5″ anatomically correct real boy baby is the perfect choice for young children who are about to welcome a new sibling to the family. Dressed in an adorable blue outfit, this little boy baby allows children to learn about anatomy while also caring for their new baby. A smaller sized doll, he is perfect for younger children to play with. He has fixed open eyes so there is no worry about moving parts for added safety.

What is a Silicone Baby Doll?

full body silicone babyA silicone baby doll is one made of a soft, supple material and is designed to look as realistic as possible. Designers will add touches like wrinkles, creases and dimples to make the faces look like real babies. Some are crafted with closed eyes so they look like sleeping babies while others have open eyes. Some, especially those meant for a child’s toy have open and closed eyes. Silicone babies come in a wide range of sizes and some at the higher price end of the spectrum are weighted to make them feel even more real. Most come dressed in simple, removable outfits and diapers but these items are removable and other outfits can be used.

Why are Silicone Babies so Popular?

Not only do little children like to play with baby dolls but it has been a trend for adults, especially empty-nesters to buy these reborn silicone baby dolls to “care” for after their children are grown and gone away. Women who cannot have children of their own may also buy these dolls so that they can hold and rock them as if they were real.

There is a wide range of styles and sizes of these dolls and the prices can vary wildly as well. Cheap silicone babies are great for younger children while the higher end babies are meant for older children and adults as well as collectors. Some of the pricier models are weighted so that they feel more real. Others may have features such as a heartbeat or the ability to breathe.

What to Consider Before Buying a Silicone Baby

cheap silicone baby dollsAs with any purchase, there are several considerations that are important. Value for your dollar and the age of the person that you are buying this baby for should be the two most important of these. For a younger child, look for a silicone baby with a minimum number of moving parts and without any loose items that could be swallowed. Older children and adult collectors will want a silicone baby that has the most realistic features and appearance.

Ease of care is another thing you will want to consider when you choose your silicone baby. Make sure that you know whether it is water safe or not as many cannot be submersed in water and must be spot cleaned only.

Make sure that you are getting a real silicone or vinyl baby and not a cheap plastic doll that may not be as safe especially for young children to play with. These also tend to be less realistic in appearance and will not hold up for long periods of time.

How to Care for Your Silicone Baby

To keep your silicone baby looking good for many years, it is important to care for it properly. Not only should you make sure that your baby is handled with love and gentleness, you will want to avoid extreme temperatures because the silicone can soften or even melt in the heat or may crack if it gets too cold. If the baby is not all silicone or vinyl, you will not be able to bathe it so it will have to be kept clean with a damp cloth making sure that it does not get overly saturated and that it is allowed to dry completely before putting its clothes back on. If it is listed as “submersible” you can allow it to go into the bathtub using care to dry it completely before dressing. Outfits can be hand washed or machine washed as you would with baby clothes. You may hang dry these outfits or tumble dry on a very low setting to avoid shrinking and damage of any of the small buttons and details.

Babies that have hair require additional care including gentle brushing to keep it from tangling. Washing should only be done when needed and should be done with a very mild soap especially if hair is glued rather than tied in to the scalp.

What is a Silicone Baby Kit?

realistic baby dollsA silicone baby kit is one that allows you to create your own reborn baby to your own specifications. The kit will come with everything you need to create the perfect baby- including the head, arms, legs and the torso which will need to be stuffed as you desire. Some kits have fully assembled babies that need to have the finishing touches added such as painting for the proper skin tone. Other kits may require adding eyeballs. Other options such as adding a touch activated heart beat are also available for those who would want this added touch of realism.

All kits should have full instructions about assembling and care of your finished baby. Some kits will also include resources for anything that is not included such as eyes and stuffing material. Other items, such as clothes and accessories are easily found with many people using hand me downs from their own children to dress their silicone babies.

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