Reborn Doll | How to Make a Fake Formula Bottle for your Reborn!!

Hi guys!! This video shows you exactly how to make a fake milk bottle for your reborn baby.


•An adult to help if you’re a kiddo!!
•Downy Cool Cotton Fabric Softener
•Yellow Food Coloring (optional, but recommended!)
•Baby Bottle (brand of your choice, this method would also work for a sippy cup)
•Loctite Silicone Sealant (I got mine from dollar general) (THIS IS WHERE AN ADULT COMES IN- this stuff is not good on your skin. Please let someone help you!!)
•A butter knife/skewer/popsicle stick (if you use a butter knife or skewer, please get an adult to help you with that too. Be safe!!)

DISCLAIMER: If you have an allergy to skin irritants or you have bad asthma, I recommend using another method due to the smell the bottles put off from the fabric softener. Also, be extra careful with the silicone sealant as it also has a smell and as previously mentioned, is not great on your skin.

I hope you all liked this video, I have a couple more planned to film between now and Sunday. Stay tuned, and thanks for watching!!